Artificial Intelligence Could Be The Reason For World War III, Warns Elon Musk


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touted to be the next big thing of the future. While from one perspective it sounds amazingly energizing, then again, it is viewed as an unmistakable peril for people later on.

Voicing his feelings of fear of AI on numerous occasions, Elon Musk, A businessman and head of the SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company on Monday said that the opposition between worldwide forces to obtain artificial intelligence (AI) to govern the world could trigger World War III.

“China, Russia, soon all nationsĀ  solid computer engineering,” Musk warned. “Competition for AI prevalence at national level probably reason for WW3 IMO.”

Musk proceeded to expand about the circumstance straight out of the classic 1983 flick War Games:

The tweets from Musk comes in light of proclamations made by Russian President Vladimir Putin a week ago that lauded AI’s geopolitical potential and the computerized weapons contest that will follow.

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“Artificial intelligence is the future, for Russia, as well as for all mankind. It accompanies titanic chances, yet additionally dangers that are difficult to foresee. Whoever turns into the leader in this circle will turn into the leader of the world,” Putin disclosed to Russian understudies through satellite, RT announced.

Musk has dependably been vocal against the ascent of AI and the risk it models for mankind. A month ago, he communicated his worries about executioner AI-controlled robots and was one of the 116 signatories who composed an open letter to the United Nations looking for a restriction on deadly self-ruling weapon systems.

The letter read, “Deadly independent weapons debilitate to wind up the third revolution in fighting. Once created, they will allow conflict to be fought at a scale greater than anytime in recent time, and at time-scales quicker than people can comprehend. These can be weapons of dread, weapons that despots and terrorists use against honest populaces, and weapons hacked to carry on in unwanted ways. We don’t have long to act. When this current Pandora’s container is opened, it will be difficult to close.”


A month ago, Musk had said there is “unfathomably more hazard” in “AI well being” than North Korea.

In July, addressing United States governors , Musk had said that “AI is a key existential hazard for human civilization,” The Independent revealed. “I have presentation to the most bleeding edge AI and I figure individuals ought to be extremely worried about it,” he said. “I continue sounding the alert however until the point that individuals see robots going down the road executing individuals, they don’t know how to respond in light of the fact that it appears to be so ethereal.”

He had likewise got into a war of words with Facebook organizer and CEO Mark Zuckerberg over AI, scrutinizing his capacity to comprehend the dangers of AI. “I’ve conversed with Mark about this,” explained Musk. “His understanding of the subject is limited.”

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