common Nipple problems and Their causes


common Nipple problems and Their causes

Itching, ache, and discharge are some of the nipple problems that can affect you. every now and then, the issues can result to pain in an individual. but, most of the reasons are not extreme, but a few signs and symptoms can indicate underlying health conditions.
What are some of the causes, signs, and treatments of the nipple problems?

Nipple problems


some of the signs of nipple problems consist of:

Nipples that are irritated or itchy
Discharge from the nipples this is clear, green, brown, milky or yellow
Painful and swollen nipples
Nipples might bleeding and cracked
change in form of the nipples
The place around the nipple changes such as puckering of the skin


there are various causes of nipple problems. They consist of the following:


this is a breast condition that is noncancerous in which the milk ducts get wider. In a few cases, this condition could result to blockage of the milk duct. this could cause the fluid to pool and leak to the tissue.

Intraductal papilloma

Intraductal papilloma is a tiny, mild wart-like lump. This lump develops in the milk duct that’s generally close to the nipple. This circumstance is noncancerous.
it is able to cause a sticky fluid and blood to be released from the nipple.

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Galactorrhea is a milky discharge from the nipples that isn’t always related to the regular milk production of breast-feeding. it is a common circumstance and affects approximately 25 percent of women.
it is caused by an improved stage of prolactin hormone which stimulates milk production. In men, Galactorrhea is as a result of low levels of testosterone.

Lactational Mastitis

this is a circumstance which can develop in the ones ladies who’re breast-feeding. The breast will become painful, red, and swollen.

It takes place because of bad milk drainage and can also develop from a nipple injury. It causes the swelling of the breast tissue and compresses the milk duct. up to 11 percent of breast-feeding moms may be suffering from this situation.

Paget infection of the breast

this is a rare situation of breast most cancers. it is common in ladies however also infects guys.
This kind of cancer can have an effect on the nipple and skin or areola surrounding the nipple. in case you get this condition, you could also develop tumors inside the breast.

other reasons

the following are some of different viable causes which can result in problems to your nipples:

Thyroid problems

Tumors inside the pituitary glands and it is harmless
irritation from immoderate rubbing due to sexual activity or workout.

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while you must see the doctor?

You ought to see your medical doctor when you have the following:

  • Nipple discharge while you aren’t breast-feeding
  • discomfort from your nipple that goes extra than several days
  • Nipple discharge that is connected with a lump in your breast
  • modifications in the skin surrounding the nipple which includes color changes
    Breast pain or discharge, plus chills or fever


There are several treatments for nipple issues which are dependent on the cause.
Ectasia. The signs of this situation can be reduced with a gentle compress in the affected place. It enables to lessen inflammation and soothe the ache. If the situation is intense, the infected milk duct can be removed surgically.

Intraductal papilloma:

This circumstance can only be handled by removing the affected milk duct.
Galactorrhea. The treatment of this condition depends on the underlying reason. If the purpose is as a result of medicinal drug, it can require you to stop it for a while. A doctor may additionally prescribe a remedy to lower the manufacturing of prolactin.

Lactational Mastitis:

This situation may be handled by using antibiotics, which clears the infection. Your medical doctor will prescribe antibiotics, which can not harm the kid being breast fed. The abscess be emptied through use of ultrasound to hint it.

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Paget infection of the breast:

This condition calls for mastectomy, which involves surgical removal of the affected breast. instead, the nipple can be eliminated after which radiation therapy follows.


A number of the causes of the nipple troubles may be averted. Do the following to promote the health of your nipples:
while breast-feeding, easy your nipples
wear suitable garb during any physical activity to avoid friction
Use products to avoid chaffing
prevent any medicinal drug this is inflicting nipple problems as consistent with medical doctor’s instructions.


most of the nipple issues can be without difficulty dealt with due to the fact that they’re no longer severe. to be able to be secure, if you observe changes in your breasts, should see the physician for proper diagnosis to make an appropriate diagnosis.
Paget infection of the breast is the most excessive but it is able to as well be treated. if you find any signs of this condition, you should straightaway see your medical doctor.

seeking clinical attention right away can provide you with the possibility to fully get over any situation of the nipple problems.


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