How to Treat a Loose Tooth in Adults


How to Treat a Loose Tooth in Adults

adult teeth are permanent and are also designed to last for a lifetime. Adults are always alert when they notice any loose tooth.


some of the reasons of teeth loosening are harmlessbuta few requires dental professional care to save the toothreplace it with an implant, or get rid of it.

reasons of a loose tooth in an adult
the subsequent factors are frequently responsible for your tooth loosening:

Gum disease

This disease is likewise known as periodontitis. It involves infection and inflammation of the gums, that’s normally because of bad dental hygiene.

while brushing and flossing you may no longer capable of remove plaque, for this reason this could facilitate development of a gum disease. Plaque includes bacteria that stick to your teeth. They harden over time and most effective dental expert can get rid of it.

The plague causes the gum to pull away from your teeth and create gaps. If this method continuesit breaks down the tissue and bone helping your teeth causing them to become loose.

Other symptoms of gum disease consist of:

Gums will become redsoft, swollen or painful
Bleeding while brushing
Recession of the gum
modifications in the manner the teeth fit together


while the level of progesterone and estrogen rises throughout pregnancyit could have an effect on tissues and bones in your mouth.

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when you have extra of these hormones, can alter the periodontium. that is a collection of ligaments and bones that assist your teeth and keep them in placethus, this causes your teeth to feel loosen.
howeverthese modifications for your enamel will remedy after pregnancy.

injury to the teeth

healthy teeth are stronghowever injuries sustained as a result of contact either in sports or accidents may loosen your teeththat is because it could damage your teeth and surrounding tissues.

Likewise, grinding your teeth at night or clenching them when you have stress can cause them week the tissues around them.

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Majority of the people are not aware of their grinding or clenching behavior till they experiencejaw acheseeking dentist advice might also help you to come across the trouble before your tooth is completely damaged.


It a disease that causes your bones to weaken and end up porous. As a result minor impacts and bumps can cause broken bones. despite the fact that, osteoporosis affects mostly the hips, wrists, and spine it could also damage your bones within the jaw that guide your teeth.

treatment for a loose tooth

The quality alternative of treatment will depend upon the reason of the looseness of your tooth. They consist of the following:
Root planning and scaling: It a deep cleaning method that treats and assists to reverse gum disorder.
surgical treatment. The goal is to take away inflamed gum bone and tissue that has been damageby means of gum disease.
Bone grafts: these enables to rebuild bone lost due to gum disease.
tender tissue or gum grafts. these prevent further tooth or gum loss if you have a gum disease.
Dental implant: This includes fixing an artificial root and tooth which is connected to the jawbone.
Dental bridge: that is a sort of crown that suits over your teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

Dental appliance for example bites splints. This reduces the damage caused from grinding and also helps the mouth to heal after dental surgery.


loose tooth can be alarming for an adultnevertheless, the tooth can be saved especially whenthe trouble is detected at early stages.
If the tooth is removed or losta number of restorative techniques can be used to offer the appearance of a natural tooth.


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